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Hi sweet friends,

I posted this picture last week on instagram and I had an overwhelming amount of DM’s about my speedy. I decided to put a “little” blog post together for you to have all the information.

The most popular question was the size. All of my speedys are size 35. It took me a long time to figure out what size I like the most and what works for my lifestyle. 

My speedy (the original) was my very first purchase. My first baby, the one who started the addiction lol. It took me numerous trips to the LV store to pull the trigger. I was so indecisive about the size. So I tried them all multiples times. I took mirror selfies of all the different sizes and thought about it for a while. I also watched Youtube reviews about bags I was interested in. As a reference, I’m 5ft 7in and my heart was torn between the 30 (what most people recommend) and the 35. I went for the 35 and Im so happy I did. Its the perfect size for me. 

Fast forward to when Mason was a toddler and I wanted a crossbody bag to have my hands free to be able to hold his little hand and run after him. I love my Speedy so much, I decided to look into the Speedy Bandouliere. Im so glad I did. I now own it in 2 prints ebene & mono, I wish I had an Azur. I was supposed to get it this summer but It’s nowhere to be found. The 30 is available but not the 35. I absolutly love the versatility of it, you can carry it as a crossbody or as a handbag.

For the speedy bandouliere, a lot of people recommend the 25 or the 30. As per usual, I made several trips to the LV store. Talked the ears off of my amazing client advisor. I did my research. My heart decided to still stick with the 35. I like big BAGS and I cant not lie. Jk

I really like the 35 because the opening is wider than the 30. It makes it super easy to get your wallet out or anything else for that matter. Funny enough, as I mentioned, I wanted to pick up the SpeedyB in the Azur over the summer, but it looks like it has been discontinued. So, I decided to try the 30 in the store, and it looks super cute, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t feel as happy as I would if it was the 35. So for now, I am patiently waiting that it somehow comes back in the 35 size.

I dont insert organizers in my bag because I love the slouchy look of it. Everything is organized in pouches so its super easy for me to find and it keeps the interior pristine

Another question was which one I prefer the most or which one I recommend. Honestly, it depends on your taste and your lifestyle. 
The ebene one is definitely a carefree one, you dont have to worry about water stains as the leather is already treated. I used the ebene a lot during the winter and when it rains.

As for the monogram, some people apply a spray on the strap and handles to protect it and remain new. I have never done that. I have heard so many horror stories. Honestly, I absolutely love seeing the aging process on the leather. It gives the bag its character and its charm. Water stains don’t scare me. I dont baby my bags but I do take good care of them. I am so grateful and cherish every single one of them. I just do what makes sense. I purchased  these bags in order to use them, I just try to make good choices. Would I carry my mono knowing its gonna rain that day? Probably not. I will do another blog post on how I take care of them.

Hope this helps you. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

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