4th of July Outfit inspirations

Tee | Shorts | Heels |Sunglasses | Earrings | Handbag | Lipstick

Hi Friends, 

This Summer is flying by so quick, but I guess it is always like this when you are having a blast!!  I have lost complete track of time and days. Don’t get me wrong, Mason is still on a schedule but it’s definitely more flexible than during School days. 

So Apparently next week is 4th of July?! Are you guys ready? Any Big plans? I am still waiting on Hubby’s schedule to figure out if he is going to be working. If not, we had planned to spend it in Dallas to visit my in-laws. They moved to a brand new house during Thanksgiving  and I still haven’t gotten a chance to see it. Actually Mason and I are the last 2 ones to see it!! That’s ok, saving the best for the last right?! I am beyond excited because they now have a pool, and if you live in Texas, you know how amazing it is!!!

As, I’m thinking about what I can potentially pack for this trip, I was thinking about sharing a couple of last minute 4th of July outfit inspirations. Depending on where you are celebrating America’s bday, you will find below affordable pieces to suit your needs!

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