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    September Best Sellers

    Hi sweet friends, Well this month I was a little bit absent from the gram. I think right now I am in a love/hate relationship with it. Love because I absolutely love all of you and love interacting with you daily. Hate because Instagram keeps blocking me left and right for no reason at all. So this month I decided to take a little break and regroup, it felt amazing. I think I needed it. I’m also a big believer that things happen for a reason and i’m always trying to find the reasons? Anybody else like that? I can’t relax until I figure out why things are happening the…

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    October Instagram round up week 1 + weekend sales!

    Hi sweet friends, Hope yall had a wonderful week! I spent most of mine decorating the house for Halloween! We also started doing a lot of fall crafting with Mason! I think his favorite is painting pumpkins! Such a fun time of the year! Mason also had his first soccer game ever yesterday and he did pretty good considering it was like 92 degrees and it felt like 120! His team lost but thats ok because he had so much fun! Alright, back to fashion! Sharing all of this week’s Instagram outfits below and bestsellers + weekend sales! OUTFITS: THIS WEEK BESTSELLERS: Leopard Pj Set Double Zip Bootie Swing dress…

  • Fashion

    Let’s talk Speedy!

    Hi sweet friends, I posted this picture last week on instagram and I had an overwhelming amount of DM’s about my speedy. I decided to put a “little” blog post together for you to have all the information. The most popular question was the size. All of my speedys are size 35. It took me a long time to figure out what size I like the most and what works for my lifestyle.  My speedy (the original) was my very first purchase. My first baby, the one who started the addiction lol. It took me numerous trips to the LV store to pull the trigger. I was so indecisive about the size.…

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    September Instagram round up week 4 +weekend sales!

    Hi sweet friends, Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! So, I’m sure you are aware of all my drama regarding Instagram lately. I have decided to kick off a new series here on Lonestarfrenchy. Every week,  I’ll be briefly recapping all the outfits I posted that week on Instagram. Just in case the algorithm has hiden me from your feed, you will be able to catch them all here with all the links. I will also be sharing my best sellers from that week as well as sales occurring that weekend! Hope it helps you and makes it easy! OUTFITS: THIS WEEK BESTSELLERS: Double Zip Bootie High waisted Moto…

  • Fashion

    Simple & easy date look.

    Hi Friends, I had a few request to share a date night look. First of all, thank you very much for the request. It makes me happy that you guys want more inspirations from me and I love to share and help you with whatever you need.  Truth be told, hubby and I don’t really go out for date nights. Mason struggled for so long with his speech that I never felt comfortable leaving him with someone. I have absolutely no family here and Austins parents and family are spread out all over Texas. We usually like to order pizza or pick one from Costco and catch up on our…

  • Fashion

    Its Fall Y’all, let’s decorate!

    Hi sweet friends, It’s finally fall y’all!!! So it’s now totally acceptable to drink all the pumpkin spice, go to the pumpkin patch, burn all the “Leaves” candles, buy all the mums and so on without getting dirty looks!!! It is such a fun season! I think for us in Texas it’s so much more joyful because we know at any moment we are getting a cool front. Tricked ya, we are still in the hight 90s and will be there for a while. At least I can honestly say that the early mornings and the evenings are getting better and enjoyable. Talking about all things fall and especially home…

  • Beauty

    All about my hair!

    Hi sweet friends, I thought it was time to do an updated post on all the hair products that I use. I don’t use much, I always say the less is more. Plus, as for my hair is concerned, the more product I add the heavier and greasier they get. I don’t use many products and I just use a little dab of it, so it lasts a long time.  Im a natural red head and don’t get to the hairdresser as much as I would like (probably twice a year), so I don’t feel so guilty on spending a little bit more money on my shampoo and conditioner or…

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    August Best Sellers

    Hi friends, Well, not gonna lie, I’m excited to see the month of August go. What a month?! What was supposed to be the last month of summer was so not fun. Between myself getting sick for 2 weeks and having to go back and forth to the doctor (which now I feel so much better), Cookie having “vertigo” and taking him on an emergency trip to the vet because I thought he was having a stroke and we were going to loose him. It was crazy. Now I am dealing with Instagram blocking me to like, comment, following and even post. The only thing I can do is stories…

  • Fashion

    What I packed for our DisneyWorld Trip 2019

    Hi sweet Friends, This blog post is way overdue. I have been meaning to share our DisneyWorld trip that we took back in March for a while now, but never manage to sit down and organizing it. Truth be told, I felt a little bit overwhelmed. I absolutely LOVE Disney and I’m so passionate about it so you know I could talk your ear off for hours. I am a perfectionist and a type A personality so unfortunately for me everything has to be perfect for me to share with you. One of my sweet readers last week asked me if I had all my Disney outfits from our recent…

  • Fashion

    Striped Swing Dress

    Hi friends, If you have been following me for a while you already know my love for swing dresses.  I found this little cutie while shopping with Mason early in the summer. I was first attracted by the stripes (cant say no to stripes ??‍♀️), I also loved this pretty shade of blue. This dress comes in several colors and prints but for me this shade of blue was just so pretty and different from the dark navy striped dresses that I own. One of my favorite details from this dress is the high rounded neckline. It’s just so different from my other ones. If you wonder what kind of…

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